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About Us

Jan and Chip have lived in this house for over thirty years.  They have raised four children here, who now have their own homes and children.  Jan and Chip owned a commercial woodworking business, Cincinnati Woodworks Inc, which was a great asset during this home's restoration.  But they are now retired and choose to open their home to visitors.

It's in the Blood


Even as a child, Chip admired the warmth and beauty of his grandparent's home in New York.  Never happy unless he was building something, he bought and sold several rehabs before discovering this aging beauty.  It had been sorely neglected for many decades, but over the years it received all new plumbing, electrical, and central heat/air.


But every bit as important, the house received the TLC of a master craftsman who brought his own sensitivities to bear while still respecting the house's origins.  It certainly helps that Chip was the founder and manager of Cincinnati Woodworks and was able to take advantage of the business's facilities as the restoration progresed.


Having retired, Jan and Chip consider Elysian Place LLC to be an avocation more than a vocation.  They rent to only one party per night, whether it be an individual or a group of up to six.  The entire third floor is for the exclusive use of guests.  Additionally, the entire first floor and the grounds are open.  Jan and Chip reserve the second floor for their private use.

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